Voxel – Zombie Dress-Up Party by Tomodachi Island for WEE Toys Gallery

"Zombies as we know them might seem soul-less and dead to us. Little do we know that when we turn our backs, they are actually creatures that enjoy seemingly human activities. A dress-up party! For Zombies! Though a little morbid as they’re not very good with their hands, they need to find whatever they want to dress-up as, in the wild. So body parts of different animals are often used. But trust me, they have just as much fun, in their own way, as we do on a dress-up party. There’s even rumours, that they make brains cupcakes at times."

Custom-process from Tomodachi Island, on a trio of "Voxel" (Original Toy Design by: Fokqueenie), with the final "Zombie Dress-Up Party" to be made available for BLIND AUCTION via www.weetoysgallery.com, launching 27th thru to 28th June at 10.00 AM. (UTC+7). Starting price is 18,000 THB (Exclude shipping cost and PayPal fees).

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I’m so happy to announce my very first @sanktoys custom! Such a pleasure to work on. It’s a sculpt I don’t want to take away much from but still add something that represents me. The helmet is so perfect to work with and leave room for interpretation. I will do another three 24 cm Sank the Child toys and this is an intoxication to the series yet to come. Will be available on the 28th of June at 10 am. (UTC+7) at weetoysgallery.com This piece is unique so don’t rest on it! #sofubi #sofubitoys #designertoys #sofvi #softvinyltoy #tomodachiisland #customtoy #designertoy #vinyltoy #sculpture #arttoy #vinyl #toy #toylife #sank #sankthechild #diver #fire #onfire #designervinyl #toyart #toynerd #customvinyl #toycollector #arttoy #collectible #sanktoys #peony #tte2020 #thailandtoyexpo @weetoysgallery

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