November 9/2020 Edition of TOP TEN BLOGPOSTS ON TOYSREVIL (The Past Week)

TOP TEN BLOGPOST ON TOYSREVIL (#): Stormy Vault Limitless: Pushing the Boundaries Show launched online November 7th, and has since concluded their activities for this event - Do check put the blogpost-linked s I've added the (post-show) Viewer Recording!

Stay connected to their socials (Instagram / Facebook) for MORE, including the upcoming "Melee Show" to round off 2020 with!

TOP TEN BLOGPOST ON TOYSREVIL (#9): JOBI THE FOX 'THINK BIG' Special Edition by OK Luna X Unbox Industries dropped for online sales via over the weekend, with this (approx.) 24-inch tall soft vinyl figure still listed at time of this post...!

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#bloglife: The concept of #toysrevilinsta was borne from the frustration of my (currently still) deteriorating desktop, and of my inability to engage effectively in blogposts beyond emailed submissions. The process and ability of blogging which I have been used to in the past decade or so, has since been crippled, and most times I am struggling with sharing content. INSTA TOYNEWS is another way for me to share #toynews on Instagram, based on what’s posted on socials (I do not have a #repost app), and as well folks who have tagged me. And I am subsequently able to post on my blog, with embedding your IG-image(s). RE: Featured here are groupings of nine (I do like my 9-grids lol), and is not necessarily a “daily”-post(ing) - which for all intents and purposes, exist when days my desktop and internet lag is plaguing my online existence (:p) and massacring my toy-joy. I am currently inching my way to be able to replace my desktop, and remain grateful for your continued reads+clicks+likes +shares. Have a fab toy-day ahead! Cheers Andy TOYSREVIL

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TOP TEN BLOGPOST ON TOYSREVIL (#8): And while this INSTA #TOYNEWS on TOYSREVIL (Nov 7/2020)-blogpost is in this/last week's TOP TEN, the message in the image caption (embedded above) is a description of the GENESIS of "INSTA #TOYNEWS on TOYSREVIL"... :)

TOP TEN BLOGPOST ON TOYSREVIL (#7): GRAPEBRAIN SPONGEBOB & PATRICK TWO FIGURE SET from Unbox X Nickelodeon continues the diverse licensed interpretation of the character from Bikini Bottom, launched for online sales over the weekend, but alas is no longer listed on ... Time to check in with affiliated retailers!

TOP TEN BLOGPOST ON TOYSREVIL (#6): MECHASOUL COOKIE & MECHASOUL ELMO by Clogtwo as Prints since launched on for online sales, alongside MECHASOUL OSCAR & THE COUNT ... "FOUR"! "Four Muppets!" MUAAH-AH-AH-AH-Ah-AH!

TOP TEN BLOGPOST ON TOYSREVIL (#5): JAIME LANNISTER: THE KINGSLAYER in 1/6 from Threezero sees the character in his glorious deep red and gold armour on black leather(pleather) in Season 7 of the HBO Series, since scheduled to launched for online sales on November 11th - or as everyone else online calls it "11.11".

This is a continuation of the Hong Kong brand's 1/6-adaptation of HBO's GAME OF THRONES characters, and I cannot wait to see who else will get their final season's looks! Arya Stark has hers, as has Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister and Cersei Lannister ... so that leaves "Daenerys Targaryen"?

TOP TEN BLOGPOST ON TOYSREVIL (#4): The 2020 Edition of SHANGHAI TOY SHOW happening over the weekend, and we have videos and images to share! Truly felt like sssoooooo long since we saw such a spectacle (THANKS, COVID!) .. although the lack of social distancing sent shudders down my spine LOL ... Next up? TAIPEI TOY FESTIVAL (Nov 20-22)!

TOP TEN BLOGPOST ON TOYSREVIL (#3): SML MINI : Sticky Monster Lab Mini-Figure Blind Box Vol 1. [WALKING SERIES] from @stickymonsterlab.ig X @agoodcompany debuted at the weekend Shanghai Toy Show 2020, with availability since mentioned to be exclusive to Hong Kong retailers @superman_toys (do also check in with your fav retailers) ... I've certain had my eye on the REDMON with WALKMAN-Doggo...! Gotta love those WALKMONS...!

TOP TEN BLOGPOST ON TOYSREVIL (#2): STREET WARS Puffy Jacket Character Releases from Oh Anat (IG @fatohh) for @dketoys @ DesignerCon 2020 is scheduled for a November 13th-online release! Featured above is the 3.75-inch tall pre-painted resin "DJ-3PO", which really would make a splendid LARGER VINYL figure, no? Someone hook the brother up!

TOP TEN BLOGPOST ON TOYSREVIL (#1): Paper toys on the move: ReaDIYmates

TOP TEN BLOGPOSTS ON TOYSREVIL (#1) <<< THIS particular "SHIN COOKIEZILLA by Gabriel Marquez"-feature was published online earlier back in May - featuring work-in-progress sculpt - in a self-motivated project, leading to the current SOLD OUT status...!

WHAT-IS: "TOP TEN BLOGPOSTS on TOYSREVIL (The Past Week)" is a weekly blog-feature published on Mondays, where I share+showcase a list (with links to the original blogposts) based on YOUR reading & clicking choices, as recorded in this blog's stats (*CLICK HERE to view past weeks' lists)!


Cheers and have a fab toy-week ahead!


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