Cliff Uchida's TOP TEN TOYS OF 2020

Cliff Uchida returns to our annual TOP TEN TOYS (2019 / 2018), with his TOP TEN TOYS OF 2020-List, along with image embeds from his Instagram, which also shows his impressions/reviews of his toys (read in captions!). As well I asked: "Has your collecting preference changed during this year? If so what are they? And why the change?"
"Yeah, this year, my collecting preference has changed quite a bit. I didn't buy as many large designer toys compared to last year. I also bought less blind boxes this year too. I focused mostly on buying action figures. I'm running out of space in my apartment, so I have to really pick and choose what to buy. I had to make some hard choices this year." (

TOP TEN TOYS OF 2020 ~ #10: Mini Wooper Looper from Gary Ham and Pobber Toys
CLIFF UCHIDA: Truthfully, I was never a big fan of the original version of the Wooper Looper, but this mini variant looks very cute.

TOP TEN TOYS OF 2020 ~ #9: Heffer (No Pain, No Gain) Vinyl figure from The Nick Box
CLIFF UCHIDA: This vinyl figure captures the cartoon's art style quite well. A must have for any fan of Rocko's Modern Life.

TOP TEN TOYS OF 2020 ~ #8: Coogi Vagrant Life blind box series from Popmart
CLIFF UCHIDA: It's an adorable blind box series. I really like the blanket Coogi figure in this series.

TOP TEN TOYS OF 2020 ~ #7: Cosmos Cold Biceps figure from Kosrobot
CLIFF UCHIDA: This beautifully detailed Doom/Halo inspired action figure improves upon the design of the previous Cosmos Cold figure.

TOP TEN TOYS OF 2020 ~ #6: Last Stand Desert Rat from Toy Pizza
CLIFF UCHIDA: The original design may have been released in 2019. However, this variant feels like the true definitive version of the Desert Rat. I love the real-type color palette and the grungy weathering on the figure.

TOP TEN TOYS OF 2020 ~ #5: Captain Pizi from Acid Rain World and Toy Pizza
CLIFF UCHIDA: This collab project from Acid Rain World and Toy Pizza combines the best of both worlds: Acid Rain World action figures' articulation and detailing and Toy Pizza's bright and colorful action figures.

TOP TEN TOYS OF 2020 ~ #4: MAKIRA figure from Bid Toys
CLIFF UCHIDA: Despite a few production flaws from the figure I bought, this mashup of Super Mario and Akira is quite bad ass.

TOP TEN TOYS OF 2020 ~ #3: Dumpster Fire figure from 100Soft
CLIFF UCHIDA: It's the perfect designer toy to summarize the year 2020. It's very cute!

TOP TEN TOYS OF 2020 ~ #2: Baketan II Mamanman from Baketanblog
CLIFF UCHIDA: I always was a fan of this Mamanman character, and finally getting my hands on this, let alone in this color variation, was a real treat.

TOP TEN TOYS OF 2020 ~ #1: Red Mecha Tyranbo from Cojica Toys
CLIFF UCHIDA: I just love the design of this figure and the color scheme used here is really pleasing to my eyes.