JOY RIDERS with Nebula One Deluxe Set from LK Toys

Chris Lee shares with us the release of "JOY RIDERS", since launched and available online via! Let's have a closer look, shall we?

Introducing the "NEBULA ONE" DELUXE SET - which includes two character figures and their accessories (Cadet Brett Bradfield with relay transmitter accessory, and Professor Xero Xanthum with security baton accessory), and the "Nebula One Rover" vehicle!

"Joy Riders pays homage to vintage toys and celebrates classic space adventuring themes. Cadet Brett Bradfield is a risk taking mechanic who always seems to get himself into trouble. Xero Xanthum is a top scientist and security expert. Both find themselves assigned to the same remote research station on the planet Delphynia by Captain Cornelius Albacore. The set box is filled with bits of their backstory along with their current mission.

The Nebula One Deluxe Set is just the first entry into the Joy Riders world. We are actively developing new characters for our heroes to meet and interact with."

Nebula One Rover:
- Dimensions: 6–1/2" long x 4" wide x 2–5/8" tall (16.5cm x 10cm x 6.8cm)
- Pilot cockpits are magnetized at the floor to secure the figures to the vehicle.
- The wheels are made of vinyl.
- The body is made of ABS plastic and painted white.
- All six wheels roll on metal axles.

Brett Bradfield and Xero Xanthum:
- Dimensions: Brett Bradfield is 4" tall (10cm) / Xero Xanthum is 4.25" tall (10.7cm)
- Articulation: Head, wrists, and arms
- Accessories are interchangeable between the characters.
- Made of injection molded PVC and rotocast vinyl
- Their feet contain small magnets to secure them to the vehicle.

The set also comes with two sticker sheets featuring designs by Chris and Matt Kaufenberg that you can use to customize the characters and the vehicle. An old school instruction sheet is also included that shows where to apply each sticker. Gotta love "instructional sheets"!

Retail Price is currently set at US$95, with the figures sold as a set (*not sold separately at this time), with the first 150 orders to receive a limited edition Mission Pack which includes stickers (featuring two designs by guest artist Carlo Beranek / @carloberanek), pins, an embroidered patch, and a screen-printed wood block made by @unclegoose.
Produced with the guidance of Bigshot ToyWorks:

What is LK Toys?: Matt Kaufenberg and Chris Lee formed LK Toys as a platform for their toy related collaborations. "Everything we plan to do from design, play, and overall functionality is infused with the spirit of vintage toys. For us that means keeping everything simple, and most importantly, fun."

To commemorate the launch of this play set, Chris has archived and chronicled the 7-Year toy-making journey here on - from idea and sketch, to the final piece being sold online today - Wonderous stuff!