Kalsada Toy Festival by Art Toys PH X Vinyl on Vinyl (June 7-12)

The "Kalsada Toy Festival" is organised by Art Toys PH in collaboration with Vinyl on Vinyl, and features a line-up of artists and their toy-art to first exhibit in a gallery pop up, followed by online sales.

Launched June 7th and exhibiting thru June 9th at the Vinyl on Vinyl gallery (below images via @vinylonvinyl), sale+auction of these one-off toy-art will happen on June 10th thru June 12th online via www.arttoysph.com.

"Influenced by Spanish, American, and other nearby countries, the Philippines has a wealthy cultural history when it comes to art. A country born with artistic people, Filipinos are known for being creative and adaptive.

Regardless of social class, most Filipinos have expressed their fondness for music, food, and games throughout their childhood.

The event Kalsada, a symbol of life, features the elements of Filipino street culture and the evolution of art toys into one."

"Art Toys PH in collaboration with Vinyl on Vinyl created this exhibit for collectors and enthusiasts the need to get back to their roots, to look back on what childhood used to be like, to take a break from the modern world, and to carry on the value of street culture onto the next generation.

Given this current situation, people might lose touch with it sooner or later, it might be just a part of history forever. Come and drop by our first pop-up show of the year!"