POCKET UNIVERSE from Underverse

Pocket Universe by Underverse

Underverse just gave us a glimpse at their POCKET UNIVERSE line of action figures, featuring Ashley Wood's character creations now in 1/18th scale with limited articulation!

They will debut for display (*alongside THESE COLLECTIBLE EXCLUSIVES) at Shanghai WF (Wonder Festival) 2021, at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, happening June 13-14th. I'll be sure to upload images of display here, if ever they make it to the www...!

The figures have previously been released under (the now defunct) "3A Toys", in differing scales too. "Bertie" and "Bramble" (the WWR2 robot figures / Official Names as yet confirmed) feature new body-forms (compared to their chunkier earlier releases). The new figure form designs - seen her ein unpainted renders - showcases a "classic" limited articulation ("5 points"?) seen in earlier "Star Wars" figures from Kenner, unlike the uber-articulated "WWRp" ({"orld War Robot portable") line from 3A, which featured tailored cloth pouches! I imagine the figures seen here NOW are 'roided-up with insanely detailed molding!

And while we await further product details, here is a look+clicks-to-view of "Wave 1" (from left-to-right):

*SHOGUN TK (From 7Bones - released under 3A Toys in 1/6 & 1/12 scales)
New Version of *BERTIE (Previous / WWRp Bertie Mk2 / Bertie Mk3 releases with 3A Toys)
*NOM (WWR2 1/6 NOM with Undervere / WWR NOM with 3A Toys)
New Version of *BRAMBLE (1/6 scale / WWRp 1/12 scale releases with 3A Toys)
*SUPREME NOM & WHITE MOTHER in 1/6 with 3A Toys.


UPDATED with display images via Unddervese!

Pocket Universe Underverse

UPDATED with display images (Photos by: 软体动物 / Source: ThreeA Legion)!

Pocket Universe Shanghai Wonder Festival 2021 05 Pocket Universe Shanghai Wonder Festival 2021 01 Pocket Universe Shanghai Wonder Festival 2021 02 Pocket Universe Shanghai Wonder Festival 2021 03 Pocket Universe Shanghai Wonder Festival 2021 04 Pocket Universe Shanghai Wonder Festival 2021 06


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