Luke Chueh's "More Drawings" @ Giant Robot 2 Gallery (Sept 4-22)

Featured here are select images of LA-based artist Luke Chueh's art for "More Drawings" currently launched at Giant Robot 2 Gallery (9/4). This art show is a follow up to last years “Drawings” show, also hosted by GR2 Gallery. The show runs till Sept 22nd.

Head to Luke's socials (Instagram / Twitter) to check out individual drawing-descriptions. You can view and purchase the art online here - tons of which have since been Sold Out tho - but there's Ceramic Bear Heads to be had still, cheers.

I've also had the opportunity to bug Luke himself for a lil'Q&A - delving into his evolution as an artist, and getting into his headspace! Thanks for sharing with us, Luke!

TOYSREVIL: Was there any specific goals or thoughts when you started drawing for the show? I enjoyed that you've shared (on your socials) each drawing's story and connection to you (so far).

Your drawings have become increasingly evocative and emotional (IMHO), and I am wondering has that changed thru the years (for you personally)? Or just a natural evolution?

LUKE CHUEH: I didn’t really go into the show with a specific theme. With a show like “Drawings” and now “More Drawings”, I just drew whatever came to mind. I revisited older themes, reinterpreted meme’s, and just had fun.

A lot in my life has changed over the past decade. The way I see the world has evolved/matured, and I hope that it reflects in my current work.

Timber_by_Luke_Chueh FacetoFace_by_Luke_Chueh

TOYSREVIL: With the show started and drawings for it completed, how do you feel about them now, than when you first started?

LUKE CHUEH: After finishing 17 graphite drawings, I was tired of working with the medium so I switched to charcoal on paper, and was really happy with the results.

I liken the process of working with charcoal as “dry painting”. It’s pretty chaotic medium and has the ability of creating very emotive lines and textures. I feel like this show showcases two sides of the kind of work I like to create: (1) narrative work, and (2) textural work. I had a lot of fun putting the show together and am happy with all the pieces.


TOYSREVIL: It might not be fair to ask you to pick "a favourite", but is there any specific drawing(s) which you completed that surprised even yourself? And why?

LUKE CHUEH: I think my favorite graphite pieces include “Capsule”, “Storm Cloud”, “Timber”, “Embrace”, and “Face to Face”.

I’m not sure if I could say any of those ideas surprised me, but what did surprise me was the installation Jenn Lima (Insta @jlima_studio) made with ceramics.

The floating heads came out amazing. I was especially impressed by the pieces she made that had her own individual flare. Her series of native Californian plants painted on the heads really opened my eyes to the potential of my Bear head design.