Custom Feature: TrooperTEQ by DoubleThwip Customs

I love me a solid making-of/behind-the-scenes-video of how a custom piece is done - at times satisfying to see the process (and living my customisation-dreams vicariously thru the artist's deft hands instead of my own :p)... and also for folks to see the effort that goes thru creating the pieces, and very obviously shows the time and effort, skills and effort at goes into a unique one-off, or micro run of collectibles, with a price-point decidedly different from production made multiples you find on a toy-shelf, IMHO.

From Joshua Adrian Aristoza AKA DTC Studios (FEATURES on TOYSREVIL) comes a TrooperTEQ one-off, with this particular 6-inch tall piece shown since spoken for and Not For Sale! BUT if you are interested in a similar commission, DM him on and seek Commission Rates (Tell'em 'TOYSREVIL Sent You'! :p)

"The base figure is by Quiccs bought straight from the amazing Martian Toys! I made this guy as an amalgamation of my love for Star Wars and designer figures. I sculpted additional details that the Stormtroopers are known for, and I gave it the clean, shiny white finish that everyone loves to see! Message me if interested in a similar commission, although it will not look 100% the same to retain it’s uniqueness."


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