And so we've seen THREE glow-in-the-dark BLAXK LOTUS editions of SHINIGAMI THE AWAKENING resin figure released and SOLD OUT: The YELLOW Glow, the GREEN Glow (BLAXK online exclusive) and most recently the BLUE Glow (exclusive to UnboxCon) ... and now teased is a RED GLOW?

(Above pic via The Wetworks Complex) Absolutely zero information of WHEN this'll drop, except for the quasi-cryptic "America" mentioned ...! And I doubt it would be for this coming weekend's Five Points Fest? Or it could be DesignerCon (November 18-20)? Too huge a gap in timeline tho... perhaps a San Diego Comic Con exclusive to a retailer (circa July 21-24)?

Whatever it may be, stay connected to @iamwetworks and @theblaxkspace for updates, and I'll share my filmed footage for the first edition, filmed during Media Preview on May 14th, cheers.

The BLAXK Lotus edition of "Shinigami: The Awakening" features a double-casting, resulting in a crystal-like figure with an inlaid lotus within the figure’s head. "The inlaid lotus glows in the dark, giving this Shinigami: The Awakening - BLAXK Lotus figure an otherworldly presence in a dim environment."

It has been mentioned that there'll be "250pcs" produced, which thus far has seen "50pcs" each (GID) colorway released, and with the "Red", it'll already work out to "200pcs". If there is indeed a "5th" colorway, WHERE would it go? Singapore Comic Con? Somewhere where creator Carlo will physically go to...? Or exclusive to The Wetworks Complex Facebook group?

FYI: The figure was first released via the show at BLAXK for SGD399 (excluding shipping). The figure editions Sell Out within a blink or three, so don't nap, or you'll miss out!


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