"Tikka from East New Collection : WHAT THE HELL" by Unbox Industries

Unbox Industries has announced the "Tikka from East New Collection : WHAT THE HELL", with the first two "sand sculpture models" to be made available online via store.unboxindustries.info on Saturday July 23rd (11pm HKT)!

"Hell of Fire" (above) and "Hell of Pulling Tongue" (below) by Tik Ka From East were first made available as part of PROJECT "UP" (available for preorder in-store via @popcorngeneralstore), with now available globally.

Unbox have utilised a new cutting edge technology that comprises of bespoke 3D printing using bonded sand. The process results in a rustic grain effect with no degradation of detail that is truly unique.

Both figures each stand (approx) 28cm tall, and are made of SILVER SAND & RESIN , each priced at US$250.00 per, available separately.

Also revealed by @unboxindustries is a COLORED edition of a character from the WHAT THE HELL collection (See below). Stay updated via IG @tikkafromeast too...!


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