Force of Art December Releases

@forceofarthk gives us a headsup for TWO releases this December, in collaboration with @mr_willsann and @hojia.desune. These debuted at the recently concluded Taipei Toy Festival (Dec 1-4, 2022), and is not made available online...!

Chimera Raijin & Fujin (God of Thunder & Wind) by Force of Art X Will San features two x resin figures (Fujin Size:12*13*18CM(LWH)/ Raijin Size:15*14*20CM(LWH)), priced at US89.99/piece (Not Included Shipping Cost / Deposit:US46.99/piece). Limited to 268pcs, the Set of 2 will come packaged in a wood box.

PREORDER has begin here since Dec 1 and will end 1st Jan, 2023 at 18:00pm (Ended as Sold Out). Expected Release: Q1, 2023.

"Chimera is a cute phantom beast with transformation ability, adventures through various universes and time and space withstar companions, and uses versatile abilities to complete exploration missions in various time and space, while also looking for good friends of phantom beasts scattered in various universes

This trip travels to Japan to the thousand-year-old Mirage Beast Festival, where Chimera transformed into the traditional god of wind & thunder and is about to start their battle performance."

Cherry Zombie by Force of Art X Hojia Desum are sized 12.5 W X 18CM H, with each Vinyl+PU Resin figure priced at US115.99 (Not Included Shipping Cost / Deposit:US55.99). Original Edition Limited to 268 pcs Candy Exclusive Edition Limited to 68 pcs

PREORDER has begin here since Dec 1 and will end 1st Jan, 2023 at 18:00pm (Ended as Sold Out). Expected Release: Q1, 2023.

"The combination of Eastern zombies and Western cherry succubus, romance, death, beautiful combination, the juice of lust, romantic conjecture, depraved link, zombie panda death and cherry succubus love, just like the mood of the seasick boy ups and downs, any word of the other party gives hope or shattered, the mood of not being able to escape is like a collar around the neck that cannot be pulled up, the connection given by fantasy is so beautiful, the bomb next to the ear is like a sudden sentence to explode when it is heard. Let Cherry Zombie soothe your soul and step into the warm embrace of that dark night never to wake up."


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