kidrobot october 2007 releases

Kidrobot has recently unveiled their October 2007-line up [source] and tis filled with quite a diverse selection of vinyls (including the previous featured Junko Mizuno's Keiko and Kaori)

continuing with KR's decidedly "adult"-streak is Huck Gee's bare-chested Akuma Bomb - featuring his first ever original-design vinyl-figure, based on his Akuma-print from his Danger solo-show @ KRLA and available in 2 colorways, Red Danger and Grey Skully. slated for a Octobrer 4th-drop (gedditgeddit?) the Akuma-twins are limited to 500pcs-each colorway @ US$60-per


double-Dunny attack with MAD's 8"-er Ninja Dunny including a 1:12-ratio chase-pack of a BLACK-colorway Ninja, for US$50 dropping October 18th (dunno about you but ima liking this becoz it reminds me of Storm Shadow + Snake Eyes LOL) ... altho i'd recommend you keep his shuriken or katana away from South African-artist; Kronk's Gingerbread Dunny (either you slice a gingerbread or you break it in two, innit?) who also happens to sport a 1:10 chase figure, at least til his Oct 11th-drop @ US$9.95

also dropping Oct 11th is Shane Jessup's blind-boxed mini-figure series titled: Things That Hurt zipper-pulls in the shape of grenades, bullets, bombs, pistols, knuckledusters, razorblades AND SWITCHBLADES ... and a heart (aawwww - but only if you can break it in two) - all of which reminds me of cigarette-lighters or mini-torch lights (heh) ... but hell, sling them all together in a sock, swing it at a peeps head and hell, that'll hurt sumthin' fierce too, dunnit? heh.

personally, i reckon this quasi-kawaii-friendly-product might work as well (if not 'better') on certain non-urban-vinyl-markets, or directly at apparel or luggage-shops, innit? IMHO anyways :p

finally, pixel-masters eBoy's PEECOL series of figures which has been intriguing me to no end: are their body-parts interchangable? how big are they? are there any chase figures? are they even blind-boxed or blister-packed? will i have my answers only after they drop on October 11th?

looking cool eitherways! :)


scottdiggs said…
AKUMA BOMB looks damn cool.