transformers animated megatron partial headshot

first off, i've never been a big-Megatron-fan. nothing to do with him changing into a pistol. nothing to do with his mecha-design nor color scheme. what i've always felt was that as the main evil villain-protagonist, he was always quite a failure (yes, of coz i know in cartoons the villains never win - morality tales are but faerie tales in the end, innit? heh) and quite literally, a loser-tron and whiner-bot (whines even more than Starscream - who is more whinger LOL) and with all that untapped power and wretched villainy within him, he fails each and everytime, surrounded by his failure-reeking underlings as well ... the closest i've seen him reach his "evil-potential" was in the Transformers Movie, when he ripped Autobot-Jazz into two = now THAT's how Megs should be! CRUSH THEM AUTOBOTS! ... okay, just needed to get that off my chest ... meanwhile, this "leaked" Transformers Animated Megatron (presumably Earth-mode) [via] = looks pausibly *cool*(ish), IMHO:
... if only for the fact that he (vaguely) resembles another (personally) much-lurved enemy-icon:

IMHO - *heh*

the above Megs'-image was apparently (originally) leaked by "skywarpantulus"
and he offers this spoiler for the image = /// CLICK HERE TO READ WHAT

SPOILER: "The other side of Meg's face is battle damaged, and he has a cyborgish eye ...

Megatron battles the Autobots onboard their ship on the first episode, is thrown out of the ship and crashes on Earth in the scientist character's back yard when he's a little boy. 50 years later, the scientist is grown up, and Meg's head is in his lab, hooked up to machines etc. Meg's gives him orders, and together they build the Dinobots.

me? i still wanna see robots being split in two:


Comments said…
Transformers are a fond childhood memory. My favourite was Soundwave. His electronically processed voice was fantastic.
toysrevil said…
thatz so true, Metin - everytime i hear a mechano-voice onscreen anywhere, i remember Soundwave LOL
Hugo said…
well better have some DECEPTIcons than some EMOticons XP