lost kubricks and 1/6th jack shepard by medicom

and there you thought the "Dharma Bearbrick" was the last of the LOST-toys from Medicom,
didn't you? ... peep the LOST KUBRICK Set and the 1/6th-scaled RAH Jack Shepard!


EDIT: with a SRP of 780YEN each (US$8) with an estimated August-drop (previously reportedly as 9360YEN / via), this 100% Lost Kubricks series includes Lock, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, Charlie and Hurley (Hurley rawks!) ... and if they come with a Hatch-diorama (ala McFarlanes') that would rawk LOL ...

UPDATE: Blister.jp has listed the item at 18,720 Yen (US$180) for a box of 24-pcs, presumably blind-boxed - which may perhaps mean "chase kubricks"? hhhmmm

whereas the only thing that may make the 1/6th Jack Shepard rawk is, maybe a beard? (from his flash-forward finale in Lost Season 3?) ... or maybe he'll come in handy for a Racer-X-bash laterz? ... yes, im stretching it here; 15,540YEN (US$144)-stretching ... but no worries, you have til August to consider - heh.


Ghostwatch said…

Also, Sayid must be unwell - looks a little pale, poor chap.
Nerdy Bird said…
Those are awesome. Do none of them have noses? And it looks like Sawyers carrying post-its, haha.
TSR said…
I'm thinking Sawyer's item is the letter he always carried with him.
Anonymous said…
That Kate figure looks more like a dude you would see on "Cops"