VENTURE: The Official Magazine of 3A Toys

With all the hype and excitement going on recently with the deliciously welcomed onslaught of toy-offerings from Ashley Wood and threeA Toys - the attention now shifts to the upcoming print publication of VENTURE.

The image posted above was first seen within darkened shadows a few days back - which I had mentioned representated the current slate of released 1/6th-scaled threeA toys - and is the second image (update) since the first posted back in March.

As Ashley Wood is synonymous with kickass-1/6 toys now, so too was his work in print-comics and lush tomes of artwork imagery via publications with IDW ( / Amazon). And now a magazine about toys created by Ashley himself - featuring lush photography of toys; would be a logical extension / expansion. [CLICK THRU FOR MORE including my speculation of contents and wish-list!]


Currently neither page count, size and format, or release-date are as yet revealed. VENTURE will be made available via

Ashley has mentioned on the threeA-forum: "it will blow ya minds, not since the great catalgues of Tamiya in the 80's have this much juice flowed in a catalog!" = *Sweetness*

Currently no further tangible information exists as yet (again liable to update at any given moment). So do permit me to speculate on it's contents (the "design" of the mag will no doubt be top-notch, so no specluation here!) and draw up a personal wish-list for VENTURE.

SPECULATION#1: Given Ashley's pension for unique narrative back-stories included with with (most) every character release via email-newsletters, it would be safe to guess that the images will come with accompanying stories with character-descriptions; in text.

[EURO-Defense Bramble "Olivier's" story]

Something which I appreciate about his creations as well, for they provide a notion of history (without the baggage of "continuity", and allows a possibility of an "emotion investment" into the characters, beyond being a toy / collectible, IMHO :)

(Also I am a comicbook-reading-freak, so narratives gives me that extra kick :p)

SPECULATION#2: Earlier on during the onset of the threeA toy-forum, Ashley had asked for contributions from 3A-members, to possibly include in the print publication. While nothing has been mentioned explicitly, I would imagine some seeing print in the first issue - and even if there were, I would expect it to be kept "secret" until the reveal, innit? But of course I could be totally wrong.

I know it wouldn't be any of mine, because i did not contribute any! Don't think anyone wants to hear or see from me beyond my blog, innit? LOL

SPECULATION#3: Contribution for threeA + Ashley Wood collaborators, which would include Jeremy Geddes (remember he is a apart of the HK Venture as well as the upcoming COSMONAUT). Would folks like Kenny Wong be a part of the mix too? Hey, at the very least sketches of their collaboration-toy, please? heh.

WISH-LIST-#1: Loads of toy-prototype images - which could also facilitate feedback on what collectors like and/or prefer, in addition to the current listed slate of products.

Bury me with possibilities please! LOL


WISH-LIST-#2: My personal anticipation for threeA-focused print materials started with the mockups of the threeA-catalog back in 2008 (posted above) - which would perhaps see a reiteration of, in this upcoming incarnation?

WISH-LIST-#3: Behind-the-scenes images of the threeA factory-floor. We have been privy to images in the recent past and am always looking forward to see all the masters at work. My sincere kudos to the (unnamed) artists painting and weathering the exquisite looking-toys.


WISH-LIST-#4: And if the abovementioned-catalog manifests as a Pull-Out Poster with all current and future threeA releases montaged into a singular fanboy-jizz-worthy catalog of toy-porn? Ima gonna need to be buying box-loads of twin-ply tissues, methinks!

WISH-LIST-#5: No word on whether there is a 3AA and/or non-3AA version of VENTURE, but seriously, I do not think so. But if 3AA gets say; extra decal stickers or sumsuch additions? Then W00T!. threeA could seriously sell stickers or sticker-packs. Heck, go lush relief-embossed vinyl stickers, for that tactile sensation! = Now, THAT I think I can afford :)