About That 59 Foot 1/1-scale GUNDAM @ Shiokaze Park, Tokyo (July 11-launch)


Standing 59 foot / 18 meters tall and seen on computer-monitors via cyberspace around the world is this 1/1 full scale GUNDAM statue (RX-78-2) currently standing on the grounds of Shiokaze Park in Tokyo, Odaiba, Japan! Netizens have been keenly following the construction of the ultimate anime fan-fulfilment fantasy mecha for a while now - with the image above showcasing the statue with lights on at night [image via Pink Tentacle] /// CLICK THRU for mondo-more mirrored WIP-images, including video!


The impressive - nay, awesome statue was built to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the first broadcast of the "Mobile Suit Gundam" anime on television. "The completed Gundam statue is expected to weigh nearly 35 tons, move its head and emit light or mist from 50 points of its body." [info via] = what a sight that would be! Although he doesn't seemed to be "armed" with his weapon tho (as seen from above presentation-images :p). Old-Skool-Hardcore, nevertheless!

Gundam the Statue will launch July 11th and exhibits thru August 31st 2009. Check out the official website for this project at www.gundam30th.net = *Awesomeness*


(Images posted via The Mainichi Daily News):

(Images posted & more via Punynari / Part 1 / Part 2 / via Sankaku Complex):

[Do note that images have been brightened from originals in photoshop]

ADDED 17.06.09: Head-turning and mist/smoke-spouting Gundam!

LIGHT-UP STAGE (Images posted via Pink Tentacle / via Gizmodo)
Gorgeous sunset-shots! ... the question is, what are they going to do with this after the event? :p
[Note: Image above photoshopped+brightened slightly to show crowd at Gundam's feet]

ADDED 22.06.09: Video of Head mobility, mist emission at night :)


gaiagear said…
MAN!! One of the most serious piece I've ever come across Gundam-vise. Really puts a big smile on yours truly. All the park needs now is to hire someone to cosplay Amuro the pilot, and have him wandering near the mobile suit whole day or pretend to climb up to the chest cockpit. lol
@Gaiagear > now all they need is a Zaku! If not one standing next to Gundam, at least a destroyed one (in pieces even!) laying at his feets!

ITEM said…
Wow! This is positively gorgeous!!
Artdeep said…
i was like..is it truueee????!!!!

woowww!!!they really made it!!!
The BradCast said…
AM I the only one who feels like this statue is going to tumble forward like an unsteady action figure on a shelf?

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