New Sample Images for Boris The Raccoon by Nathan Hamill (July 17-launch)

"Boris was raised by his father, Horace, on a private cargo vessel, The Blue Turski. As a wee kitten, he helped steer and navigate the eighty-seven seas with great skill and great ease. All the while, his father and he battled enormous sea serpents, blood thirsty ghosts and the treacherous Eel People, only occasionally breaking for acorn cookies and sardine tea..." [CLICK THRU to read the rest of Boris' story]

In addition to the announcement of the Boris Launch Party @ Meltdown Comics on July 17th, Nathan Hamill drops a series of updated Boris The Raccoon product images (actual samples of the 2.5 inch tall figure and not prototypes) and I managed to grab a few words with the Nathan as well - CLICK THRU to peep+read :)

FYI: In addition to being distributed by DKE Toys - Boris will also be made available at Tired Girl Collective's table in the Small Press Pavilion at this year's San Diego Comic Con. (@ Table M07 / between aisles 1600-1700).

[5 x Images of Boris in slideshow]

TOYSREVIL: With the upcoming launch at Meltdown Comics on July 17th (congrats BTW, Nathan!) - How do you feel about your creation; Boris?

NATHAN HAMILL: I'm extremely pleased with the way the figure came out. The company, who manufactured it (BIC Plastics), are one of the best around. We took a little bit longer than we'd expected to order work out a couple of things, which delayed it a few weeks. Better late than less than great though.

TOYSREVIL: How has the experience creating and developing Boris into a toy feel? Enriching? Endearing? Something you'll never again attempt? ;p

NATHAN HAMILL: I loved the experience! I've been a collector of toys for my entire life so it seemed appropriate that I turn one of my illustrations into a piece. I can't wait to make another. I want an army of critters. And maybe some robots.

TOYSREVIL: An army sounds excellent! And robots FTW! So what's next for Boris The Raccoon? And for Nathan Hamill?

NATHAN HAMILL: First up is the launch event for Boris at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles, CA. That'll be on the 17th of July. I'm very excited to tell you that we have 15 artists doing custom Boris pieces that will be on sale at the event.

After that, believe it or not, I'm working with someone on developing jewelry based on Boris. Then, I will be working on other characters that will be joining Boris in Picnic Land.

TOYSREVIL: Now that'll be interesting, having Boris "scamper" around the body as a piece of jewelry, IMHO! Can't wait to see further developments, and to find out more about "Picnic Land" - Cheers for the trouble, Nathan and have a fab launch! :)