Toy-Release: BE@RBRICK Series 20 by Medicom Toy Revealed


Medicom Toy's BE@RBRICK SERIES 20 features quite a bit of "surprises", which includes a BASIC with "articulated" feet, a multiple-colored JELLY (instead of the usual singular-tint). Present day movies are represented with the SF: Iron Man Mark VI and Toy Story's Lots-O’ Huggin Bear for CUTE. Retro-cine tributes came in the form of Captain Action as HORROR (why?) and Gremlin's Mogwai gets his own ANIMAL BE@RBRICK! Rounding out the basic set is PATTERN featuring designs from SSUR, and a very apt FLAG featuring South Africa, just in time for the 2010 World Cup in June! CLICK THRU for a closer look!

Release date is scheduled for June 2010. Do check with your fav retailers for availability. Iron Man-fans are to keep a lookout for the 400% IRON MAN Mark VI BE@RBRICK as well.

[Flag: South Africa / Pattern: SSUR]
[Horror: Captain Action / SF: Ironman Mark VI]
[Cute: Toy Story 3 / Animal: Gremlin]
[ARTIST: Krooked / fragmentdesign]

Source: ToyBeast.


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