Lord On Board, BoyCott & BarkinGun by Abell Octovan @ Jakarta 7th Toys & Comics Fair 2011

[Above pic by David Tan @tomat45]

For his display at the Plastic Culture booth in the recent Jakarta 7th Toys & Comics Fair 2011, Indonesian-designer Abell Octovan had along his booty of resin goodies, with the showcasing of BOYCOTT (in black and the original coloway edition), two colorways of his awesome BARKINGUN, as well the debut of LORD ON BOARD! GO grab yourself a chilled one, or a hot tasty-beverage, and get ready for more snaps and breakdowns exclusively for you folks!

BoyCott is to be Abell's next resin figure release (we previously blogged about him HERE) with yet a revealed drop-date. You are advised to check out the www.myroyalego.com website for further info of the 7 inch tall resin figure (or you could just simply stay tuned to TOYSREVIL *wink*).

[Additional event pic by Jeffry Burhan]

The follow up to his earlier collabo with Sun8urn ~ Lord On Vacation (also on display, in glossy-black and holding his surf-board), the conceptual Lord Vader goes from his wave-surfing vaca to the streetside, with his skateboard in the new 8 inch tall LORD ON BORAD! Finished in lush electric blue, a total of 10 pieces will possibly be made for this resin figure (right after his current "BoyCott" release). Singular snaps of Lord On Board shows a slightly more dulled-colorway of the Lord (may well be conflicting camera-work). More details when it is the right time :)

One of his earlier releases, Abell's BarkinGun is shown in two colorways at the Fair. Expect another colorway to come sometime soon, exclusive to a brand in Jakarta (*cough-P.C.-cough*). Meanwhile, find out more about BarkinGun here!

[Most snaps from Abell's Flickr]