TOYSREVIL's Top Ten Art Toy Wants @ New York Comic Con 2011


So here it is folks, my ToyWishList for New York Comic Con 2011! Based on the list of "production toys" I have blogged and known about, I deliberated it's virtues to the culture at hand, but in the end, tis what my toy-heart desired that won out! So yes, this is my personal WANTS and you can view it anyway you like it ~ it all about the toy-joy, folks! Onwards!


GIBBYGOP: I could not get enough of this charming critter since I first blogged about him! Must be his wittle-hands that got to me LOL. With teeth bigger than his limbs and a pair of googly-eyes to stare back at you - I would love to see a brighter hued figure - unlike the rusted version we see above-left (I place the "blame" solely on 3A Toys for flossing the market with heavily-weathered colored toys), and yes perhaps a slight hint of rust (as that seems like creator J6's forte). Not necessarily a "production toy" per se, but he's making a number of them for sale, and so here he is!

AVAILABILITY: GibbyGop by Jester of j6Studios stand 4.5-inches tall, with both quantity and price unknown. Available via myplasticheart Booth #879


GEORGE THE VAMPIRE from Cherry Vinyl - based on a character by Tara McPherson - had me with it's fabric cape. I am serious. The earlier sculpt posted online did not grab at me as much - yes it was fun and all, in a intrinsic-retro-vibe of figure toys of bygone eras, and in fact held as much attention for me, as well, that post! But seeing him now with a cloth cape and his monotonous figure-color with an empty heart-cutout space on the chest - suddenly made more "sense". NICE. Mind you, this is a resin sculpt to be released at NYCC apparently. (I would personally have liked the boots ;p).

AVAILABILITY: Neither size, quantity nor price are available.

*Note: A Release & Signing will happen with Tara and Cherry Vinyl @ the Lulubell booth #598 for the resin "George".


NYCC-EDITION GRENADE BUNNY: While the previous shiny editions did not grab at me as much as I'd except it to, this NYCC-edition with rusted / weathered treatment, suddenly made "sense" to me - a runaway grenade bunny hiding in it's burrows until the right tie to pounce out and go BOOM? I can get with that (even tho it's my own story anyways) - i like it when a toy speaks a story in me, IMHO.

Grenade Bunny by Lucky Bunny x Pretty In Plastic stands 4-inch tall and is limited to 20 hand-painted editions only. Price is undetermined. Available to purchase via Pretty in Plastic booth #589


MISHKA x CURE BOOGIEMAN: I have never really lorded the Boogieman from Cure, although the cleaver was actually a huge draw for me visually. But this particular colorway made me sit up and gawk, and trust me, I do not gawk as easily as I make myself out to on this humble blog (that sounds so wrong, it's got to be 'right'!).

AVAILABILITY: Look for it at the Mishka booth #680. I have neither quantity or pricing for this figure.


BLACK BUDDHA ASIA MINIGOD: I've personally liked each Minigod as they came out, ever since I first blogged about them yolks ago, and when the Asian Minigod got released not too long ago, the all-gold treatment left me cold, truth be told. Too close to the Asian-heritage for my tastes anyways. Then I saw the Black Buddha version - perfect in it's matt and gloss black treatment, and the white accents? This to me, is the best version out of the entire line-up, with it's simplicity thoroughly showcasing the figure's design from Marka27.

AVAILABILITY: Supposed to be available via the ToyTokyo booth #976 - this 15: tall figure is priced at US$160 per.


TURTUM MICCI: This was a tight-fight between Pinnola and TurTums, and turtle-power won out! Like a hardback to retro--gaming (I've only ever liked Super Mario Bros from those handheld-arcade days) and in multiple colorways too! And frankly, this might well be the only resins I could afford from ESC Toy, so they ROCK - nuff said!

AVAILABILITY: Standing 3.25-inch tall and priced at US$19.99 each via ESC toy booth #781. UPDATE: My man Justin of DynomightNYC has got my back with a red+white TurTum! YAY!


PORK DUMPLINGS: I've neither held nor seen a Pocket Pork vinyl piece in person/hand. and frankly I've always held the Shawnimals-brand in high regard for it's Plush reactions, but as a vinyl timsum? It just did not grab at my attention - until NOW! Both the myplasticheart> and Shawnimals versions with extra-bloody paints, are AWESOME! It both provides a story-depth (not that they needed it before, but I need it) and gives the final figurines a sense of "action" and/or activity, other than just a slice of unedible-bun sat on a display, IMHO. And if I can, I would want them BOTH!

I would LOVE to see a TOYSREVIL-Edition for these now! But alas the blood-splatter has already been done here, isn't it? Heh.

AVAILABILITY: Limited to 50 pieces each and priced at US$12 per - with the orange-hued Crime-Scene edition @ Booth #581, and the black-with-red-splatter Guilty-As-Charged Edition @ Booth #879.


G.O.D. EDITION DRAGON KING: When I first spotted KaNO's DRAGON KING from KusoVinyl, I was not too blown away by the navy-blue color of the tunic. It might look swell on a 1/6th figure, but on an art toy like this, KaNO's design is swallowed, IMHO. But in the Game-of-Death-Yellows? The figure suddenly POPS and looks immensely attractive to me! The lines are clearer and the design more forthcoming, IMHO. Not too game for the jade staff tho, but the camera is a nice touch. I's happily do without either of them actually!

AVAILABILITY: Standing 8-inches tall and limited to 75 pieces available. Priced at US$70 per.


CODY: Three colorways of CODY from ExtendedPlayz, and I want them ALL! Featuring the design of Jon Knox (formerly known as Hello, Brute) and capturing the sheer essence of his resin casts from previous, this vinyl figurine sports the spirit of indie-toys with the treatment of form, and the colorways are popping-cool, a swell color-palette recognizable from Jon, IMHO. Am liking these immensely!

AVAILABILITY: Stands 22cm and available via Trampt's booth #981. Price uncertain.


KOSPLAY: Loved the moment I saw the sculpt, loved the stark nourish quality if the colorway (must be the darkened nipples, I will not lie). I've enjoyed Ajee's Skullskin design previously, but this takes the cake, IMHO. The polar bear is an added plus to the set - although having her feet melded to a base-plate is a tad off-putting, I would really love me some KOSPLAY! The regular edition Black-n-White is a MUST have, the GID-Edition would be exceptional to have, and the all-Black is super-sublime! Kudos, ExtendedPlayz!

AVAILABILITY: I have neither size nor quantity nor price about this figure tho. But she'll be available at Trampt's booth #981.

*Note: Ajee will be signing on Saturday 3pm-6pm, where she will also have a limited print and 4 fresh SkullSkin customs (All NYCC exclusives). Check out the FB-events pongee.

Figures such as Milton, Mongolion, Tao King, Mork and Humphrey, Zombs and Nibblers would've been in the list … or maybe I should consider "The Next Top Ten ToyWants" or sumach like that LOL

It's hard to keep to "Top Tens', because most times there are inevitably awhile bundle of awesomeness, and you'd have to whittle it down to just "10"? It's just not fair isn't it? I'll tell you what's not fair = me blogging about things I cannot afford to score and can't touch with my pawy-mitts, innit? Heh.

So what are YOUR Top Ten Wants?


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