"5 Ways My Blog Changed My Life" by TOYSREVIL for GOOD STORIES (for Social Media Week Singapore)


"5 Ways My Blog Changed My Life" was the topic of my speech / 5-minutes story-sharing session at the recent GOOD STORIES event (6 Strangers. 6 Stories about Social Media) , organized by GOODSTUPH (for Social Media Week Singapore). A pretty-apt topic, especially now in ode to my blog (and it's belated blog-birthday - which ironically was two days after the talk happened ;p), and as well a chance to share with folks - outside of the art toy culture - what my online life is all about as well. Also included are "Linkables" - which you can click-on to read more about what I had mentioned in brief, in my talk. Thank you all for listening, and for reading :)

Do note the video/s are incomplete as partial segments of it were unrecorded. Mondo-props and thanks to my sister Cindy for taking the time to film my "meanderings" :)

5 WAYS MY BLOG CHANGED MY LIFE - Point #1: Anti-Anonymous

- Trading Cards featuring my image on the Art Hustle Series 2 @ www.thearthustle.com / Art Hustle 2 covered on TOYSREVIL / Story of my cards.

5 WAYS MY BLOG CHANGED MY LIFE - Point #2: Expression vs Reaction
5 WAYS MY BLOG CHANGED MY LIFE - Point #3: Surviving Stroke

- My blog about my experiences with Stroke @ stroke41.blogspot.com
- Thankful to folks who blogged/featured my Stroke HERE
- Vinyl Hearts via the efforts of Cris Rose, and of the kindness of a myriad of folks involved.
- Images of me in Stroke for a month in Changi General Hospital and also at St Andrews Community College (albums via Facebook).
- Me in wheelchair at The Singapore Toy Games and Comic Con in 2010.
- Video recording of me in initial stages of Stroke recovering and also me getting haircut from the nurse! (All filmed in Hospital ;p).

5 WAYS MY BLOG CHANGED MY LIFE - Point #4: I Might Not Change How The World Treats Me, But I Can Change How I Treat The World

- CLICK to read all about the Silent Auction 2011 to benefit Singapore National Stroke Association
- On My Worktop and In My Sketchbook Serial Feature Projects.
- Contest Details for recently launched A Steampunk Perspective #2: Illustration.

5 WAYS MY BLOG CHANGED MY LIFE - Point #5: Livelihood

- TOYS-ON-SHOW: Black Valentines Edition BeatUp Boxer collabo with Breeanzz x My Tummy Toys (Sold Out!)
- TOYS-ON-SHOW: Red Edition Evil Olee collabo with My Tummy Toys (Some still available to purchase HERE)
- TOYS-ON-SHOW: MechaZombies collabo with Erwin The Mongar of Mongar Toys (Out of Stock)
- TOYSREVIL Sketch-Cards available for purchase HERE.
- Mascot Interpretation #1 by Dkiller Panda @ www.dkillerpanda.com
- Mascot Interpretation #2 by Bigshot Toyworks @ www.bigshottoyworks.com

(Event Image via Goodstuph - viewable via my Facebook album HERE)

ASIDE#1: As you can see from the assorted videos posted here, I exceeded the 5-minutes duration of my intended time-allocation, done without intent, I insist! I just rambled on, in my "Singlish", no less! I might claim to be a "bad blog-man", but in actuality, I too am an extremely "long-winded yakker" in person. Heh.

ASIDE#2: In a situation worthy of "Epic-Fail", I realized until much later, that I had not mentioned or indicated at all my URL/Website-adress for my blog, in either my slide-presentation, or verbal speech! Muahahahahaha - but I've always been a "bad salesman", haven't i? Heh.


cosmicbaby said…
Andy, very entertaining talk, enjoy every min of it! Stay healthy always!