The Empire Strikes Back: Super Scene Collection from Burger King 1980-81 #StarWarsDay


So I have posted the two oldest Star Wars toy figurines I own before, instead I will showcase one of the older SW-collectibles I have: "Super Scene Collection" STICKERS from the Burger King promotion, circa 1980-81!

I must have bought these from a retailer somewhen in my adult life, but have never really featured or showcase them in any way, nor know how they came about actually (besides the text printed on the back of the sticker-strips) - but the notion of stickers has always resonated strong within my desires, and having scenes from The Empire Strikes Back (best of the trio of films, IMHO) was an added and welcomed bonus!

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The allure of promo-items was so much different then, as it is now. The 'vintage' aspect (well, it is a couple of decades old lol) is something people might attempt to replicate, but nothing beats the 'real thing' (just like the original versions of the films, not the re-CG-fueled versions). Now we are beset by 3-dimensional kiddie-toys in kiddie-meals, sign of the times, no doubt.

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