Re-Viewing Re-Venture (Part 1 of 2) #RVHK2012

I had a quick Q&A with a trio of Hong Kong-based folks who had attended 3A Toys' Re-Venture event which happened the weekend just. I have been utilizing images from three individuals for my coverage of the event, and of course I want to know what they thought of their experience too! Here is what Pansy Chan, Terence Tam (nick: "Terce" on the 3A-board), and Ying Choy had to share with us about their impressions and scores for the annual show:

3AReventure001 3AReventure018
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TOYSREVIL: Which days did you go for RVHK? And what is your impression of the event/s?

PANSY CHAN: I went for RVHK for the first 3 days. First day for the opening party, 2nd day for the picking up pre-order stuffs, and 3rd day for AW's signing section. That 's very crowded but I can feel the passions of all the 3A legions. So nice to have new friends all over the world especially the Malaysia Legions :)

TERCE: I attended the first 3 days in this event! On 1st day, I attend the invitation party. On 2nd day, I collect my RVHK set. On 3rd day, I attend the signing session.

YING CHOY: The second day, or the day after the opening night. The event was just great. It showcased both classic back catalogue figures and up-coming goodies. And people were allowed to touch the prototypes which were fascinating.

3AReventure012 3AReventure008

TOYSREVIL: What was the most impressive display at the event, for you personally? And why?

YING CHOY: Ma.K Krote. It's so detail. It's a masterpiece.

PANSY CHAN: Should be the Reel Steel Atom and the Portal robots. Coz they are new steps of 3A toys. Also the 1:6 Halo figures too!

TERCE: Most display are awesome. The most impressive is 1:1 Peaceday Dropcloth and Square! About the product, I am very impressed by MGS Ray!

3AReventure005 3AReventure033

TOYSREVIL: Have you been to previous events like this from 3A Toys? Any preference or comparisons? Anything you felt could be improved for the following year?

TERCE: I attended the event in HK in 2009. I think that 2012 event's decoration and lighting is better than the previous one. In addition, I think the arrangement of purchase of products is also better than the previous one.

However, I have little suggestion. Firstly, I hope every member who attend event can buy Set C. The quantity of Set C is too limited. Secondly, the random is not even distributed. My 4 friends with me pick up the toys together and all got yellow TQ!

PANSY CHAN: I haven't been to any event like this. RVHK is the first event that I joined. I think that would be better if 3A can make the showing area bigger. Coz the air-conditioning is not very good if too many people stuck at the same place.

YING CHOY: First time for me. Should be selling more exclusives quantity-wise.

Pansy Chan's TKs
[Pansy Chan's TKs - click on image to see her full-album!]

TOYSREVIL: Did you purchase any exclusive toys? Which is your SINGLE favouritest purchase rom RVHK, and why?
PANSY CHAN: Yes of coz! I purchased the Super Set C and of coz I like the RVHK TK the most. My TK is the orange hair one:) And the most surprising figure should be the Lady Sham.

TERCE: The favorite purchase is TK. I got the yellow hair and this is my the most anticipating TK. I think I am so luckily!

YING CHOY: I bought the 1/12 Mongrol. I like its colorway and it comes in the right size for me.

(All images from Desmond aka sci70716 - thanks for the use, buddy!)

FYI: This is a personal initiative of mine and not done as a 'survey' for 3A Toys. Stay tuned to the second part of this review, where I speak to other folks about the event!