Ripped-Shirt Kirktrooper from Junk Fed on Preorder now!

Available for Preorder from Junk Fed for US$45 per is the RIPPED-SHIRT KIRKTROOPER Bootleg Figure, with a swell mash-up between Star Trek and Star Wars (and a schweet companion piece to the previously released and sold out IMPERIAL SPOCKTROOPER).
PRODUCT PRESS: "Remember the classic moment when Kirk and Spock fought to the death in the Vulcan Pon Farr mating ritual while disguised as imperial stormtroopers in an effort to thwart the Galactic Empire? No? It's My Space Opera, I can do what I want!

Each Ripped-Shirt Kirktrooper is individually hand cast, assembled, painted, and finished. Includes removable helmet and Vulcan lirpa. Packaged on a custom cardback.

Though it may resemble the action figures from your childhood, it features zero points of articulation and may not play well with the rest of your toys.
Not recommended for children."
(Junk Fed)
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