New StickUp Monsters Toy: Dorobanii! from Javier Jimenez Drops Oct 25

Javier Jimenez shares with us the reason why he has been pretty silent on the toy-radar recently, besides rebranding his "StickUp Monsters", he has been busy cooking up a new character and have made it into a TOY: Introducing DOROBANII!
WHO: "Dorobanii is the latest addition to the StickUp Monsters universe, and it has its own figure for the toy line!

Dorobanii is a little and timid jackalope that used to live in a North American desert. He was used to his life: some chilling at the desert, then some house robbing at the city. He stole a little bit of everything: from human food he enjoyed to small jewels and things that could pass unnoticed and people would think they had lost.

One day he entered the wrong house at the wrong time, and ended up locked inside of a suitcase on its way to Japan! If you want to see what happened next, you better see the full story in this video:"

Created and designed by Javier Jiménez, sculpted by Cristina Ravenna and painted by Javier himself, "Dorobanii" the collectible toy is a 4.3in (11cm) hand cast and hand painted resin figure.

The toy will be first available on Sunday, October 25th at 11AM EST, online via - in two different editions: the original colorway and a Halloween version. Both will have very limited quantities with the Halloween version being a closed edition of just 15 pieces available worldwide.

[ Individual images of Dorobanii HERE on FB ]