"friedensstifter" exhibition: Announcement & WIP-images of custom Munny

Featured here today are images of WIPs of customized Munnys from students who Manuel Heischel AKA cikcuk has taken under his wings, with the resulting being an exhibition to showcase them (exactly like Munny 500), and as well featuring invited artists. To help raise funds for a school project to engage with migrants in Aschersleben, an auction will also be held (Stay tuned for further information on that, folks!)

The show is titled "friedensstifter", and will include a mega Munny, 14 x Mini Munnys and 8 x seven-inch Munny done by invited artists (All Munnys are supported by Ralph Schwamborn; the owner of Think Pink Celle).

The final exhibition is scheduled for January 17th, 2016, at the Salzland-Sparkasse (Bank) with the kids' work on show, and continues forth to Museum-Aschersleben, where all artists' will join.

TOYSREVIL is once again supporting this endeavor on the blog :)

[ Still images seen in the video above have since been uploaded HERE on FB ]
PRESS RELEASE: "On the basis of a project for political education, at the AOS Adam Olearius school with the students of the class 6b / school year 2015/2016, is a discourse on art are opened as a method, which already existing projects on the AOS in the school year 2014/2015 relating to Include and take as a starting point.

Through EDC people / students are authorize a discourse to shape their own everyday life actively and creatively, in the case through art as a method of implementation, in the context of an integrated pulse.

There is a current need of peacemaker. He is the analogy to the current situation in Europe and in Germany, with which this project symbolizes a peace sign, which we need in the current social situation.

Peacemakers are people who contribute to conflict mediation. After the concept of peace is defined in many ways, this peculiarity also transfers to those persons who promote it. The narrower concept of peace means the absence of the contrary between states or nations. In this sense, avoid pacifiers that converse or help you resolve it. "