Pics & Video Promo for D Toys' 1/6-scaled "D Team #2 Sha"

"D Team #2 Sha" is a handmade 1/6 collectible figure from Taiwan brand D-Toys, currently on pre-order via for US$339 (shipping included / payable by PayPal) for an expected shipping date Q2 2016. Limited to 399 pieces, the figure possess two guises: a regular adventurer, and a souped-up geared-up version with intricate accessories! The video provides a swell look (Thanks for the headsup, Morten Andreas Olsen - sweet job, dude!), and as well you can check out more still images on their Facebook.

For a split-second there, I had thought the headsculpt resembled singer/actor "Jay Chou"! :)

Posted by 動玩具 D TOYS on Saturday, January 2, 2016

I truly enjoy the variations and different sci-fi-ish genres that has been produced in the 1/6-scald arena in the past few years - they were EXACTLY the sort of figure genres I had wished for back in the early 2000s while I was neck-deep in collecting 1/6th! But alas, finances forbid me to continue my hobby, even until now… so I'll just continue with my personal kitbash dreams and projects … LOL