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Starting out with wanting to write a list for the Top Ten Films of 2015 for my dedicated film-blog PopcornX, was easy enough, but choosing them, was a slight challenge. Do I do the "smart" list with pleasing titles to the general public? Or do I pander to my own tastes and enjoyment experiences? The decision for the latter was an obvious choice! But in doing so, I left quite a few fan faces in the "editing room floor", so to speak :p

I'd also set myself a few caveats: No Animated, or Anime Films, keeping it strictly "live" action … it would Include Any and All Languages" (because that's how I roll :p) … and it would Include Films Both Watched In Cinemas and Online (which might seem "controversial" given the circumstance, but alas that's how I roll these days too…).

There are actually a slew of films I have yet to watch, like "Bridge of Spies", "Crimson Peak", "Southpaw", "Creed" or even Singapore's own "7 Letters" or Randy Ang's "1965", but I stuck with the final caveat of "Watched In 2015".

Funnily, what I was left with, was what I had listed nearly 4 weeks ago (as of this post), and hardly changed since then, as hard as some placings had me undecisive for a few days (#3 & #4)!

And here it is! Presenting TOYSREVIL's #TopTenFilms2015! Readable at a single CLICK HERE, or individually linked in the list below, counting down to No.1 in my top pick! Enjoy the read, and enjoy the movies!

#10 Sara
#09 Jodorowsky's Dune
#08 Jurassic World
#07 The Force Awakens
#06 Chappie
#05 The Martian
#04 Yakuza Apocalypse: The Great War Of The Underworld
#03 MARVEL's Ant-Man
#02 Sicario
#01 Mad Max Fury Road

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