Exclusive Christmas & Starry Eyed Satyrs by Seulgie

Christmas Satyr

CHRISTMAS SATYRS by Seulgie exclusive to only South Korea?

Limited to only 3pcs (Updated: ALL since SOLD OUT), with each priced at 210,000 won (approx. US$180 / SG$256) - it is currently was purchasable on m.10x10.co.kr for a 28-day ordering window, until 31st December 2016).

UPDATED: I’d ask Seulgie if she has any future festive plans for her Satyr Rory, with which she shared with us (in the midst of preparing for her solo show launch this week!);
"I am gonna do something for xmas or new year, however I haven't decided anything yet. 😅 Myself love the design and wanna make more. I will make clear what I will do for this year's winter holiday until... next weekend maybe? Sorry for silly answers. I am out of mind these days preparing exhibition. So excited though."

The "solo show" in question is her "Starry Eyed" at myplasticheart opening Dec 2nd, and here are some darling Satyrs to look forward to! No festive revery but plenty of bunny and kitty “ears”, and check out them star-filled eyes! And do not forget to stay connected to Instagram @seulgie._ for updates!

UPDATED with new pics for "Starry Eyed"!