“Hard and Soft: The Many Layers of POP” by POP Prolific @ PIQ! Grand Central Station on Dec 3rd

Justin Alan Volpe AKA POP Prolific will be having a lil’show at PIQ! Grand Central Station (8 Grand Central Terminal, New York, NY 10017) this Saturday Dec 3rd, and offering up a few 1/6th-scaled one-off customs and kitbashes, including TMT’s KRANG (made from 3A Toys’ bots), and a “Elseworlds”-styled Dynamic Duo of tactical BATMAN and ROBIN!

The mini show is called “Hard and Soft: The Many Layers of POP” and in addition to the Batman, Robin, and Krang figures, Justin will have a couple of Needle Felt pieces for sale as well (hence the "Hard and Soft" title), AND a little indie resin surprise to come!

Scroll down for peeks at the collectibles (thanks, Justin!) and backstories, and as well you are recommended to stay connected to his Instagram @popprolific for more pics and info!

I’ve had the honour of releasing my first and only ever 16th-figure with Justin - with “Smirking Python” (Reviewed) - back in the days before my Stroke too! A toy-memory ever cherished :)

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"I don't really have any backstories for the Batman and Robin, other than the fact that their costumes are inspired by my love of pilot uniforms. I did a G.I. Joe show with my wife, Mariangela Tan (plushPLAY on instagram), a few years ago that featured that featured a pilot themed Shredder among a few other original takes on characters. I wanted to revisit my 12" G.I. Joe series, so this year I've been knocking out a few customs that fit into that theme and these figures were at the top of my list. I plan on making a bunch of Batman characters in this G.I. Joe pilot/HALO jumper style next year. So far I have Nightwing, Batgirl, and the Joker on the assembly line, but no specific date of release yet." - shared Justin.

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"As for the Krang, I've been wanting to make something Mars Attacks inspired for a long time now and I was amassing a bunch of ThreeA parts and pieces to do something epic with and this just seemed like the perfect time and place. TMNT has reached this new zenith in pop culture and I've had this Krang bubbling in my brain for over a year now so the timing just worked out." - added Justin Volpe.
Pop Prolific Felt Needle 2

Featured above are pics of the needle felt pieces Justin’ll have on show at PIQ!

And featured below is a little teaser of what more to come from Justin - 4.5" custom resin figures in the style of vintage Masters of the Universe! We’ll (hopefully) have more to show soon, meanwhile here are some WIPs found on Justin’s Instagram @popprolific!

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