CRAYOLA CARVOLA & COLORING CRITTER Blind Box Series by Crayola x Kidrobot

KIDROBOT PRESS: ”From the Crayola x Kidrobot collection comes the Crayola "Carvola" Medium Figure. This colorful box comes complete with 8 removable crayon sculptures carved in the likeness of Kidrobot’s most iconic figures.”
Previously teased, this 12" piece has a SRP of US$59.99, available on, and as well you might want to check in with your fav retailer(s) for availability.

In addition to the medium figure, also released is the COLORING CRITTER 3-inch Blind Box Mini Series - featuring brand new sculpts not based on existing Munnyworld figures! A entirely new line-up of character creation, with 14 designs to collect, each named after their respective crayon too!

Check out the unboxing video featured above, and best of luck with your US$9.99 per blind box pull!


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