Golden Gristle Spring Festival Edition from Obsessed Panda Drops Jan 4th

PRESS: "To celebrate the Chinese New Year which begins at the end of January, Obsessed Panda and Zectron have teamed up again. The Unbox vinyl beast GRISTLE (originally created by Zectron and Retroband) has been turned into a beautiful golden statue by Obsessed Panda. Using vcolor with a combination of airbrushing and subtle rubs Obsessed Panda captured the essence of a Good Fortune statue wonderfully.

Included with each Golden Gristle is a traditional Spring Festival gift package including an over-sized version of the customary lucky red envelope along with replicas of ancient Chinese currency like the yuanbao gold ingot and even some classic new year candy as well."

Dropping in the Obsessed Panda webshop on Wednesday, January 4th at 8AM PST for US$90 each … no specific quantities mentioned for this micro run tho…

I had the opportunity to paw a Gristle at last year’s STGCC2016, and I have to say I have been thinking about the piece since! The details on the sculpt was nicely done, with the weight an added bonus, giving a heft to an otherwise smaller-sized piece, but with no less effort in production detail, IMHO.