past/present by coarse @ Everyday Mooonday (Jan 14 - Feb 11, 2017)

past/present” by coarse launched Saturday January 14th @ Everyday Mooonday, including an Artists Talk with coarse’s Mark Landwehr. Thanks to images from Eloise Kim and Rato Kim we have some images of the exhibit to share, which I’ve made into a handy slideshow video.

The exhibition launch also saw the release of the “Omen fade - full moon” = a Everyday Mooonday Exclusive Version! In a limited edition of 100, you’d need to check in with “” for availability details of these baby pink Omens!

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“past/present” by coarse exhibits thru February 11th @ Everyday Mooonday Gallery @ 9-17 Songpadong, Songpagu, Seoul, Korea.


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