KISS MY ASS One-Off Customs from Marvel Okinawa + Kenth Toy Works for Lottery Available from Blackbook Toy

To celebrate the last release of DeathsHead Kiss My Ass, Blackbook Toy had asked Marvel Okinawa and Kenth Toy Works to each make 2 one offs - the result being a fantastic foursome of custom KMAs that’ll only be available via LOTTERY!

From Marvel Okinawa comes “Mandala Back Eye” (above) and “雷神 (God of Thunder)”(featured below) - both of whom had been painted on GID casted sofubi. Each custom is priced at 48,000yen per.

Kenth Toy Works’ two customs are each named “Another World”. Each custom is priced at 48,000yen per.
"Applying his unique paint tech, although it’s painted, it looks like marbled cast, on the KMA body. And his head is painted like classic DF stained glass style. There is a PU one and Red one. Only 1pc each made."

ALL items shown here will be sold through email lottery. Entries will be accepted from midnight of June 10th to the end of 11th(Tokyo). Refer to the instructions posted below, on how to enter the lottery.

(June 9th 8am - 10th 7:59am(LA), 9th 11am - 10th 10:59am(NY),9th 4pm - 10th 3:59pm(UK), 9th 10pm - 10th 9:59pm(Thailand).