CANDY CRITTERS To Invade Toy-World This Saturday (Sept 16) from Zectron x Joe Whiteford

From Zectron x Joe Whiteford comes the impending invasion of the toy-world with CANDY CRITTERS! Scheduled for a Saturday release September 16th at noon (12pm PST) online here, priced at US$40 each!

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PRODUCT PRESS: "Zectron's Deadly Furballs are back! This time cast in high quality candy colored resin by Eric Nilla and painted by Joe Whiteford. Opting to leave the bright neon fur unpainted and focusing on the face and body Joe achieved a great level of detail in a small package. There are 3 colors to choose from. Orange Nightmare, Lemon Drop Dead, and StrawBuried Alive.

Each critter comes packaged in a GIANT capsule ball filled the classic fruit shaped candy containers we loved as kids. You also get a randomly colored baby crite in it's own tiny capsule with each painted furball you buy."

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Lemon Drops. Brought to you by @thelastzectron @ericnilla and me.

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