Mr DOB / DOBtopus by Takashi Murakami x BAIT x Switch Collectibles for Complexcon 2017

You folks remember the Mr Dob” collectible“ from the 2016 edition of Complex Con? … Check out THIS YEAR’s incarnation of MR DOB!

2 Editions of DOBtopus (by BAIT x Switch Collectibles) will be made available at Complex Con, with (A) priced at US$500, while (B) is US$750. No quantity is listed at this time, although last year’s Mr Dob was numbered 750 units (OG Colorway) and 250 units (Gold & Silver color way).

Availability is direct at the TAKASHI MURAKAMI booth at Complex Con at Long Beach, CA (Nov 4-5). I don’t see it listed/flashed online on tho, so online availability is UNKNOWN at this time.

As wild and intensely awesome as this figure looks to be, the below featured video-clip of the figures "in-person" looks thoroughly impressive for it's asking price-tag(s), IMHO! This is next level collectibility as far as I am concerned!


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Besides being a collectible, the evolved “Mr DOB / DOBtopus” character(s) as well adorn the weekend event, and as well is a costume for Mr Murakami himself!