PETUNIA ROTTEN Resin Figure from RenOne Lab x Petunia Rotten for April 27 Release

Renone Lab has teamed up with self proclaimed bad bitch Petunia Rotten to make a resin figure from a commissioned drawing from GPK artist Mark Pingatore. This was the 3D-sculpted, 3D-printed and molded and then cast in resin.

Standing 5-inch tall, PETUNIA ROTTEN is scheduled for a release online here on April 27th, available will be a limited amount of unpainted "kits" (head, hands and body are separate) priced at US$45.00.

"Petunia Rotten is the ultimate bad bitch. She knows what she wants and will do whatever it takes to get it. The hustle never stops for Petunia because she maintains an eight figure bank account, and can be caught walking through the hood in louboutins smelling of hundred dollar bills. She knows how to throw her ass in a circle but won’t take shit from nobody. Petunia is smarter than Einstein as she has a PhD in Bad Bitchin'. Hide your kids and hide your wife because Miss Petunia Rotten has come to life."