Kurobokan Toys for Thailand Toy Expo 2018 - Gwen The Corgi Vinyl, Supersized Daydream (Nimbus) & More!

An abundance of glorious toyness awaits folks at Booth F3 (Dazzle zone) from Kurobokan at Thailand Toy Expo 2018 (May 3-6) - featuring a host of releases!

"We are proud to announce that GWEN THE CORGI - original edition and Pink Soda will be released first at Thailand Toy Expo 2018. The first version was released, end of last year. Limited to 300 pieces worldwide. Any left overs from the show will be in our webstore / participating retailers."

Name of the Toy: Gwen The Corgi - Original Edition
Produced by: Kurobokan
Limited to: 300 pieces worldwide
Retail Price: $35
Booth: Dazzle F3 (TTE)

Name of the Toy: Gwen The Corgi - Pink Soda
Produced by: Kurobokan
Limited to: 150 pieces worldwide
Retail Price: $35
Booth: Dazzle F3 (TTE)

Besides yummy production toys (of which, by this time of post, the OG Edition of GWEN is SOLD OUT! (But available still via @gachaboxth / @plasticculture / @paradise2005), folks can also look forward to another eye-opening project: A SUPERSIZED Nimbus The Frenchie, made in collaboration with JPToys Gallery.

"Dream BIG and live LARGE. Kurobokan and JPToys Gallery work together to super-sized the popular Daydream (Nimbus) figure. The original figure stands about 5 cm tall and now it stands at 14 cm tall, 25 cm long. All of the SUPERSIZED Daydream (Nimbus) will be up for auction at Center Stage on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of Thailand Toy Expo 2018.

All profits will go to charity to help children and orphanage in Bangkok."

It’s finally here! SUPERSIZED Daydream (Nimbus) just arrived and we are super excited. Can’t wait to show it to you tomorrow. #kurobokan

Posted by Kurobokan on Wednesday, May 2, 2018

- Sleepwalker (Nimbus) - Crimson Red
- Offspring (Nimbus) - Dead Wood.
- Sleepwalker (Nimbus) - Glowing Rash (GID Edition)
- Offspring (Nimbus) - Spring Bloom.

And there's yet another event exclusive (see directly below): Daydream (Nimbus) - Tigglet Pink - EXCLUSIVE to @jptoysgallery! Designed by @kentanworks this Tigglet Pink edition will be available at TTE Exclusive Shop at 10:00AM. Please check with them for selling info.

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