Tarbus the Tardigrade: the First Product, Toy, and Microorganism Designed Entirely in VR!

WHAT/WHO: Tarbus the Tardigrade by DoomCo Designs
WHEN/WHERE: Available now online via DoomCoDesigns.com
HOW MANY/HOW MUCH: Unknown / US$18 per

PRESS: "Tarbus the Tardigrade is the world's first product, toy, and microorganism designed completely in virtual reality! By virtually sculpting in Oculus Medium, Kent Fremon and Josh Burman have successfully pioneered the use of virtual reality design for mass-producing physical art objects! Standing tall at 3.25 inches, Tarbus is manufactured by Squibbles Ink out of two pieces of slush-cast soft vinyl that attach at the waist. Available in 5 colorways now at DoomCoDesigns.com, we also have additional retailer colorway exclusives planned for the future!"

"Tardigrades (a.k.a. water bears) are microscopic creatures known to be among the most resilient animals on planet Earth."
Also available to order are their "XXXL Tarbus The Tardigrade" sculptures - each sized 10” tall, weighing in at approximately 2 lbs - and priced at US$200.00. Available in a quartet of colorways, shown below is the "CHROME" version - seen at Five Points Festival 2018!