Are Your Ready for PECANPALS WOODYS from Noferin?

What do you get when you cross two years of design, development, research, testing, prototypes and modifications with eco-friendly hevea wood, artisan craftsmanship and about a thousand feet of sandpaper?

Candy and Nick Robertson of Noferin "returns" to the toy world fold with their upcoming PECANPALS WOODYS - a designed and made in Australia product featuring their Pecanpals character in "articulated" wood!
"We wanted to create something with personality, something expressive, something that communicates style, playfulness and interactivity to a discerning audience by going beyond form and function.

By designing a curved spheroid joint like those found in our shoulders, and pairing this with a silky-smooth magnetic connection, the Pecanpals Woodys enjoy multiaxial movement of the head (greater than 360º). Combine this with articulated arms, and you have innumerable gestures and facial expressions perfect for posing, sharing and hashtagging #pecanpalswoodys."

Produced by Australian based Candy James (made overseas), available soon via Kickstarter! Stay tuned for launch details. Meanwhile, so stay connected to Instagram @noferin_art & Facebook for updates ... and head to to sign up for their mailing list, for pre-order opportunities.

"Wood" seems the main "preferred" material of choice for Noferin collectible releases, with past "Jibibuts" from 2009-2012 (I reviewed the initial basic set HERE circa 2009) and "Pecanpals" from 2009-2010 (Jac-Jac reviewed in 2009), AND their self-produced ORIGINAL line-up (from 2007) was any indication, it is an indeed welcomed return to form, IMHO.