ROTOBOX JUMBO MACHINDER SERIES 1 MAZINGER-Z from Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica Has Launched For Your Collecting Pleasures

Since my previously featured teaser post with WIPs, the awesome folks (Spencer & Stephen) at Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica has just announced the launch of their ROTOBOX JUMBO MACHINDER SERIES 1 MAZINGER-Z!

In an edition of only 10pcs world wide, folks interested are too email direct or message them on Facebook (Facebook #2) for inquiries/prices/availability! Tell'em; 'TOYSREVIL SENT YOU' why doncha?!

"It took a long time for us to finish this one. We started planning to do this series January of this year. We wanted to do something new with the series having a vintage/nostalgic feel but with a modern touch to it. We based this series from the old jumbo machinder figure as mold and made some modifications overall. The figure is made of fiberglass which took some time to finish and the paint used is polyurethane. Size is around 22 inches." - shared Spencer for @rotoboxvinylanatomica.

This is an "original concept collectible" featuring appropriated iconology of the Japanese Super Robot "Mazinger-Z", infused with the classic toy-line known as "Jumbo Machinder" in the East, and "Shogun Warriors" in the West!

Featuring a metallic paint finish, in rich hues of the iconic Mazinger-Z colors, the figure updates the classic form into a modern notion of a giant metal robot, looking suitably EPIC in its own right!

Fans of the classic SHOGUN WARRIORS 70's line of vintage giant robots would be familiar with the form, as would Mazinger-Z fans of the iconology, but as well this is an awesome toy-visage that transcends any prefixed notion of collectibles-appreciation in any timeline past or present, IMHO. Appreciate it, Love it, Buy It!

... But, if you (like myself) can only but touch the screen at the images of these beauties, feel free to do so, I will not judge you ... :)