#toynews #TodayonTOYSREVIL: March 16th, 2019

Doktor A reveals his "Gramo Dunny" custom series, in an edition of 10 customised Dunnys (*No recast parts. All original toy pieces), available in 4 different colours. Each comes with a tiny vinyl record.

This is just the beginning of his reveals for the upcoming ToyConUK (happening in 2 weeks), so you might wan to stay connected to his Insta @doktor_a for more reveals

Dropping March 16th (HKT: 23:00PM ) online here is CLOUD & COURD 'BREATHE' from Tik Ka x Unbox Industries, with these sized 2.5" & 3.5" pre-painted vinyl toys priced at US$130, coming in a printed cloth bag and box - featuring the similar aesthetic to Ti Ka's LITTLE RICE (Lilac Edition), also currently available for US$170 per approx. 5.5 inches tall hand cast resin collectible.

I'd missed featuring this release from last week, but currently still available for pre-order here: THE MIGHTY PEKING MAN - Abominable Variant - to the previously released black furred version, with this 11-inches tall vinyl figure priced at US$120 per, scheduled for a April shipping. Which would you prefer? The White Variant or the OG Black fur? I also realised both "victims" are ladies in blonde hair lol).

Borne from a collaboration between Playtoy HK, Shaw Brothers & Unbox, THE MIGHTY PEKING MAN is sculpted by David Arshawsky.

Since launched and available online here is the GOLD Edition of SMART BOMB, is Jason Freeny's 12-inch tall vinyl collectible priced at US$150 ("free shipping worldwide"), with each purchase coming in with a Smart Bomb pin. Scheduled for a 3rd quarter 2019 drop. No quantity revealed.

SOFTROLLs new color “Gumball Orange" from Hariken currently available online here, with the 15cm tall soft vinyl priced at 3,780 yen (approx. US$34 / SG$46) each, with two different coloured "cones" to choose from. Yummy! Updates on Insta @harikenjp.

So how many other "flavours" do you own? :)

The Super SUCKLORD has unleashed TWO lines of one-off resin figures - with both INTERVIEW WITH A DIVA and POLYESTER SCHOOLGIRLS casting some familiar pop culture characters in gender-bending toyness - available online here for US$175 each. Updates on Insta @sucklord.

"One 3 and 3/4" Resin Bootleg Action figure under a blister pack and mounted on 8" x 10" Framed Graphic Card. Created and signed by Famous Pop Artist. THE SUPER SUCKLORD."

Upcoming new color way editions for Chris Ryniak & Amanda Louise Spayd‘s Thimblestump Hollow (Series 2), produced by Cardboard SpaceshipToys. I've only ever managed to snag ONE blind-box when Tomenosuke was in town for STGCC retailing it LOL.

Incoming new APO Frog from South Korea's Twelvedot: "APO Frog Midnight Blossoms" dressed all purdy and such (thanks to the tailoring of Faye Kim)! Updates via Insta @twelvedot.

UPDATED: Releasing 23rd March, online via 12dotstudio.com, or Xinghui Creations in China, myplasticheart in NY, Strangecat Toys in LA, Collect and Display in UK, and Ozzo in Singapore.

Launched on Kidrobot.com is their exclusive edition SUE NAMI (Tattoo Edition), with "Our Ambiguous & Immaculate Lady of Armageddon & Natural Disaster" standing 9" tall and in an edition of only 50pcs, with this Polystone Resin (resin and limestone) hand painted and hand finished featuring tattoos drawn by SF tattoo artist and longtime Zoltron co-conspirator Ross K Jones.

Item since listed as Sold Out, while availablity was "USA Orders Only". Read the story of Sue Nami here