Ron English Celebrate PopLife at San Diego Comic Con 2019 with Off-Site Pop-Up

POP-LIFE PRESS: "Pop Life Global is back for San Diego Comic Con with a Pop-Up Shop in the same location as in other years with "the celebrated godfather of street art," RON ENGLISH at the LUCE LOFT conveniently located at 1037 J Street, just three blocks from the convention center. The pop-up opens on Wednesday, July 17th and runs through Saturday, July 20th with rare limited edition products and exclusive convention drops that will be released daily.

Look for new collaborations with Astro Boy, Warner Brothers and DC along with highly sought after collectible merchandise from his recent sold out China exhibition."


New "SFBI Astro Boy Bronze Patina" Edition (Sozed 8" tall / US$75).

Part Elephant, part Butterfly Ron English’s 8" tall vinyl "Elefanka" will debut at the Pop-Up!

"Mc Elefanka Trip-E" Exclusive (Sized 4" tall / US$15)..

"Mc Supersized - 4th of July" edition (Sized 8" tall / US$100).
Red, White and Blue with patina effect.⁣

New 21"-tall vinyl "Liberty Grin - Pride of USA" is priced at US$350).

"MC Superhero" stands 8-inches tall and is price at US$75.

"Ronnnie Rabbbit" stands 8-inches tall and is priced at US$100.

The 18" tall "Menace Hulk" vinyl toy will be priced at US$200.
"This redux of his hulk as as temperamental baby concept features
a vintage new face drawn from the golden age of comics."

The 8" tall "Grinnie" is priced at US$100.

"Harmony Scream" stands 8" tall and will be priced at US$100.

"Double Devil Dog (Gold edition)" SFBI from Pop Life Global
stands 8" tall and will be priced at US$100.

UPDATED: There will be a BOOK RELEASE & SIGNING PARTY for "ORIGINAL GRIN" on Thursday, July 18th (6:00PM to 8:00PM) at Ron English's Pop-UP @ LUCE LOFT (1037 J Street / 10TH Avenue, San Diego, CA).

Besides the above sole ad-image for the pop-up Featured here are select images (from Instas @ronenglishart + @officialpoplife) of the China exhibition, and the recent ToyconPH in The Philippines, and perhaps an idea of what toys/collectibles to be had? No doubt DELLUSIONVILLE MINIS blind boxes at least? I'll be personally down for a "Ronnnie Rabbbit", to join my Dark Horse edition I reviewed in 2007!

Above: Ron English in China
Below Ron English in The Philippines