"A Toy Store Near You" (Watch Episodes 1-5)

"Throughout the world, there are hundreds of independently-owned toy stores, each one as unique & endearing as the people that own them. This community has been disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic as store owners are finding new ways to keep their businesses running. Whether you're an avid collector or a toy store novice, these stories are universally powerful, sometimes heartbreaking, & always fun." (nacellecompany.com)

From the creator of "The Toys That Made Us" Brian Volk-Weiss, comes "A TOY STORE NEAR YOU" = a docuseries from The Nacelle Company (Instagram / Facebook / Twitter) that features, well, toy stores!

Season 1 is currently watchable via on Amazon (Pay to view), and as well on their YouTube channel (uploads after premieres).

Thus far 5 out of the total 10 episodes have aired (and featured below), with remaining toy stores being Kokomo Toys, Farpoint Toys, Jayden's Toys, Bric-a-Brac Toys, and Super7 (who is also a sponsor for this show). This info via IMDb.

With the current sensitivity of the Coronavirus engulfing the globe, the toy joy shown is tempered with the effect of said virus on the physical brick-n-mortars, on top of being washed by the Digital Wave.. *FIGHTING*

Episode 1: Bill Galaxy Toys and Collectibles in Portland, Oregon.
(billygalaxy.com / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Ebay store)

Episode 2: 1313 Mockingbird Lane in Lawrence, Kansas.
(1313mockingbird.com / Instagram / Facebook)

Episode 3: Leicester Vintage and Old Toy Shop in the United Kingdom.
(Ebay Store / Instagram / Facebook)

Episode 4: Cherry Bomb Toys in British Columbia, Canada.
(cherrybombtoys.com / eStore / Instagram / YouTube / Twitter)

Episode 5: Spiral Toys in Shubuya City, Tokyo, Japan.
(spiral-toy.com / eStore / Instagram)

It's funny, but I've always wanted to do a "Toy Stores In Singapore" version (much like I used to want to do a "Comicbook Stores In Singapore" in my youth), but ended up just being a customer instead LOL ...

But if I were to do a "Toy Stores in South East Asia", I'd def be hitting up OZZO COLLECTION (in Singapore), ZERO and MUSEUM OF TOYS (Indonesia), most def visit TOY STATION (in Hong Kong), amongst the established brands/retailers in HK, Taiwan, Thailand etc...! WISH, only lor....