Isaac Tang's TOP TEN TOYS OF 2020

Let us welcome back Issac Tang to my annual TOP TEN TOYS-list (Check out his previous lists in 2018 / 2019), and find out what he has in this year's TOP TEN TOYS OF 2020-List, along with a question I'd ask of invited collectors this year, specifically wondering about their collecting "habits" within he year of COIVD-19 brawling out worldwide...

TOYSREVIL: Has your collecting preference changed during this year? If so what are they? And why the change?
"In 2020, I changed from a toy collector to a TO-FU Oyako collector. I decided to display toys at my office in 2020. However, I can only put the most favorite toys to display due to the short of the land issue in Hong Kong. So I selected TO-FU Oyako to accompany me to work.

2020 is the 25th Anniversary of TO-FU Oyako. Allow me to put #1 - #10 to celebrate it :)"

(#10 / #9)




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