SQUID GAME Appropriated Art Toy Collectibles, Customs & More!

The South Korean drama series "SQUID GAME" (on Netflix) is by now a undeniable global phenomenon, whether you like it or not, and it baffles my mind THESE are the only collectibles toys being made right now? HERE are my suggestions anyways .... Meanwhile, featured here are some select Art Toy incarnations (with links to blog-features on TOYSREVIL)!

"SQUIDWOK" from UK-based creator @richpage AKA UME Toys has crossed over the Pink Soldier iconology with his own "GEEKWOK" character creation, self-sculpted and casted, and hand-painted! Having been "cosplaying" as Batman, Harry Potter, Mandolorian and my long-toy-lusted-for SithWok-release )celebrating a Decade of TOYSREVIL Toy-bloggery), this is a perfect blend of original character design and assimilation of pop culture, IMHO.


Pre-orders has just launched for sales on umetoys.bigcartel.com, each priced at £30.50, and the only other item featured here in this post that is current available (to pre-order)... No specific "quantity" mentioned tho, so stay sharp!
"As homage to Squid Games I’d like to introduce this little foot soldier. Sporting a magenta jumpsuit and chest camera this little guy is ready to police your collection. Each SquidWok will ship in a header carded bag with machine gun accessory and sticker." As well Richard of UME Toys prompts: "If you’d like a complete set of them let me know and we can work something out.". (FEATURED HERE)


Adopting the "Super-Deformed"/Chibi design aesthetic, with a "Art toy"-ccentric crossover - In this specific case utilising a CANBOT head (originally designed by @czee13art and produced in vinyl by @cluttermagazine - the above-feature piece is a one-off custom made by The Philippines based Lee Allen AKA Lab Monkeys, over a scratch-made, digitally sculpted torso!

I'm liking what looks to be optional faceplate-attachments (via magnets?) featuring the different shapes iconology! Will def make a nice "multiple"-make, IMHO... :)

This piece will be apart of his solo show at Clutter Gallery titled "Welcome to Chado!", scheduled to open November 13th! Do stay connected to the artist's Insta @lab.monkeys to check out more of his toy art, or straight-up commission him for a custom Pink Guard!

raharodriguez Squid Game Soldier

The Philippines based artist/designer Raha Rodriguez continues his NFT "Toy Portrait Series" bringing to 3D-printed-life "SQUID GAME GUARD(S)"! Complete with machine gun too? He's currently accepting "pre-orders" via his Instagram @raharodriguez.obj (above image via)!

Having had produced contemporary art and objects (examples: KING RACHA MALING and KING RACHA BOYHOOD) prior to his pivot to Digital Art, it is somehow satisfying to see his "return" to the three-dimensional realm, IMHO.

SQUID GAME Doll Heads by Twelvedot on TOYSREVIL

A Decapitated headsculpt-on-display base of the RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT Doll, seen in the first challenge of Squid Game? NO, NOT CREEY AT ALL! LOL

A creation by South Korea based collective of designers and artisans @twelvedot + @box_tiger_ + @a.k.a_jackpot777 and @systemati.k - apparently these were produced as "promotional gifts" and are not available for sale (Mentioned on @twelvedot).

WIP SQUID GAME Doll Heads by Twelvedot on TOYSREVIL

Previously featured HERE including a fascinating look at work-in-progress images (seen above), you can see the obvious craft and care gone into producing these Uber-clean looking pieces, IMHO! Now wouldn't you love this to be staring at the back of your head by your bedside table, as you sleep? :)

AEIOU Doll by NDTM 02

The above-featured one-off custom of the "RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT" Doll is titled "AEIOU STOP!" made by Thailand-based sculptor / visual artist known as "NDTM" (IG @ndtm_abyssboy), and was the very first make based on the KDrama that I'd come across (on social) and subsequently and FEATURED on TOYSREVIL!

AEIOU Doll by NDTM 01

I enjoyed that he has chosen to go with a slightly different visual aesthetic than the incarnation we see in the KDrama, while still retaining the iconology of the character design. "Appropriation" versus "Adaptation" has always been a wondrous grey area to play in, and I am always (personally) interested to see the result(s) of a mash-up of both the dynamics of the original source design, and the interpretation, IMHO.

No mention of this being a "production" piece thus far tho... What I had marvelled at too was the name itself, as the childhood game is called "AEIOU STOP" in another part of the world...!

Regardless licensed or not, you cannot deny the hype right now. You ride it, or don't. Being able to do it with flair and panache, is a whole other different thing, IMHO.

Beyond the illustrated FANART scene (*Which I have been RETWEETING in earnest :p), the 3-dimensional objects takes a longer time to manifest, and not something to easily dismiss, methinks ... And there's always PLUSH & CROCHETES for a quicker and cuter fix, no?

Seriously though...

I AM NOT ENDORSING the "mass bootlegging", but am admittedly biased with regards to the "art toy"-scene appropriations, especially when they crossover with artists' own character creations, which in essence to me is what makes this scene unique unto it's own, being able to assimilate "pop culture" when the hype hits, knowing that this is not the "endgame", but perhaps that's just me :)

Do check out the following video clip for a themed alarm-clock... which is being listed as an actual item on presale, and I don't think it actually is tho, beyond this clip... :p So do beware of buying into the hype too. But not the "art toys" I featured, go support the indie creators, if you so please :)

Still unsure what the South Korean 9-episoder "Squid Game" series currently streaming on Netflix is? No worries, you can check out my REVIEW on POPCORNX and assorted blog-features to find out more ... OR, watch this 3-minuter animated "summary" video instead ~ SPOILERS Ahead!

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