KAMEN RIDER BLACK SUN: Amazon Series & TOUMA Toy Figures!

WHAT-IS: "Kamen Rider Black Sun (仮面ライダーBLACKブラック SUNサン, Kamen Raidā Burakku San) is a Japanese tokusatsu web-drama series and reboot of "Kamen Rider Black", serving to commemorate its 35th anniversary as well as the franchise's 50th anniversary overall." (Text via kamenrider.fandom.com).

The main cast is Hidetoshi Nishijima (He won the Academy Award for "Best International Feature Film" in "DRIVE MY CAR") who is "Kamen Rider Black Sun", while Tomoya Nakamura plays "Kamen Rider Shadowmoon", in this live-action series, directed by Kazuya Shiraishi. Check out more of the project on their dedicated www @ kamen-rider-official.com/blacksun.

10 Episodes of Season 1 since launched October 28th on amazon.co.jp (Rated "18+"), and I've screengrabs of the episodes, and trailers to share. I've had this in my folders for quite some time now, but alas could not wrap my head around this, until seeing the character designs and imagining the "TOYS", actually! Scroll thru for more ... :)

SERIES PLOT: "King Genesis - the pinnacle of Kaijin. At the end of his life, the elected Century King will inherit his power.

The year is 2022. Half a century has passed since the government declared the coexistence of humans and Kaijin. In times of chaos, a girl named Aoi Izumi, a young human rights activist who appeals for the abolition of discrimination, meets a man. Kotaro Minami, the candidate for the next King Genesis and a byproduct of the "Black Sun"'s existence.

The truth about King Genesis and the Kaijin hidden within 50 years of history, and another imprisoned King Genesis candidate, Shadowmoon, AKA Nobuhiko Akizuki. His encounter and reunion with Kotaro will eventually break the status quo within society."
. (kamenrider.fandom.com)

Here are some character designs (Screengrabbed from kamen-rider-official.com/blacksun) of the reboot of the 1987 tv series, to relish the possibilities and inevitable action figures LOL

Above are (fan-downloaded) clips from the series, showcasing the HENSHIN AKA transformation ... and seen below is a CSM for "HENSHIN BELT CENTURY KING SUN DRIVER" = A Fully-Automated HENSHIN Transformation Belt, product currently under development...!

The following nugget was a surprise "find", with both main character figures DESIGNED BY TOUMA, getting the "Super Deformed"-treatment as part of UNITED ARROWS and Bandai's "HENSHIN by KAMEN RIDER" joint project "Eclipse Project" (Info: animageplus.jp)!

These will be launched for PREORDER online via p-bandai.jp from 10AM on Saturday, October 29th, in addition to apparel sales at the United Arrows Roppongi Hills store. Further product details pending. Do check in with your fav retailers for availability otherwise, cheers.

UPDATED INFO: They are each priced at 19,800 yen (shipping and handling fees not included), with samples to be displayed at the Roppongi Hills pop-up store (10/29 to 11/7), where preorders will be taken, for a "end of Feb 2023" ship (Below in-store display images via @henshin_by_kamenrider). I am getting mixed info (via Google Translations) for availability, so maybe you'd want to check in with your fav retailers instead, sorry :p


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