phu!'s custom-yoka avatar-7 for beasts of burden @ subtext (july 25)


Peep Phu!'s custom 10" Yoka completed for the BEASTS OF BURDEN custom-show @ Subtext (July 25-26) dubbed: AVATAR 7 - the patrol spacecraft comes with 2 Rebel Pilots.

I don't know about you folks but I reckon teh PHU-Man has outdone himself with this beastie - power to the lucky-person that's gonna be walking away with this custom once the show is over, IMHO. (PEEP more pics on PHU!'s blog)

Bro? I'm waiting on your solo show here, no B.S. yo!


Jimmy Foo said…
innit.....I want to see what he's put inside the head now.....Phu's work just keeps getting betterer :D
Jimmy Foo said…
ok next time...I'll read your post properly and click on the links :P
kitschter said…
Phu, that is one delicious looking custom, clap clap, bravo!!!

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