Product Review: Suckpax 3 from The Sucklord x SideKick Lab

The third series in the SUCKPAX collection of imagery from The Sucklord and made by SideKick Lab sees 24 packs in my box, each with 7 x individual cards within the wax-packs. There are 66 cards to collect in a basic set, excluding the checklist card, and other extras and chase insert.

My box yielded nearly two whole sets, with the second missing only two cards (#47 & #55 - anybody out there want to save me the agony of being incomplete, please?), but there are LOADS of extras and special chases to keep me sated with what only can be described as NOT a regular trading card set you would find in this particular hobby, or frankly any other - and that's fine by me, and as well should be expected from The Sucklord. The checklist alone had me in mild-hysterical-guffaws for a good few moments - not very easy to do these days ;p

IMG_3925 IMG_3872 IMG_3874 IMG_3875

Fun stuff to consider: 150 wax packs to help you score a 6ft tall SUCKLORD (which means i still need 126-packs - anyone wants to contribute?). As well the set features signature cards (I scored one each from Larz and The Donald!), original art cards (not too hugely impressed with mine, I'm afraid), sticker cards, unnumbered cards and even color-variants of card-borders, as well a series of cut-out puzzle cards with lenticular surface, but hardly enough in a box to form a full image. Let's have a look at them, shall we?

IMG_3903 IMG_3902 IMG_3901

Of particular note are two different trading cards - first up is the above ACTION ARTIFACT CARD featuring a piece of Dead Silicone Mold stuck on a card, with two additional cards with cut-out space to "hide" the thickness of the piece - for which I found pretty unique and interesting! Finally, a shady-slice of the toy-bootleggery from the Sucklord we in the art toy world are familiar with and "love"! And purely because we are collectively charmed by his personality that we would forgive this obvious hack of an item and treat it as a "chase" = gawks but I heart this art toy culture!


And what really got my attention was the SCRATCH-N-SNIFF Cards, featuring a shaven verjayjay of May Ling Su's in full view alongside a Sucklord600 vinyl figure (of course I mosaic's them out here, as I'd leave it to your own imaginations instead ;p - and no, I haven't scratched nor sniffed, not sure if I intend to as I am not wholly sure it'll be "Mary" I will be "smelling", no?) Heh.

But I sure as heck was titillated with what I saw! … and by that I meant the black latex cheongsam with red accented trims! I am partially serious, of course.


In addition to the box is a singular uncut test sheet (seen in video above) which interests me quite a bit, and am actually inspired to do something of my own along this conceptual lines too. Stay tuned.

If you have collected or seen Suckpax Series 1 or Series 2, the contents of the basic set is no different, and follows the formula of The Sucklord's bootleg releases, profiles of friends and collaborators, and images from his recent retrospective show (which all his cards are essentially are, in the first place). Of a particular note in this series are the year-pics of The Sucklord circa 1980s, which needs to be seen to believe.

Never have I seen low-brow-art being depicted as such, and anyone clued-in to this genre would do well to say you have a few packs of these in your back pocket, IMHO. And seriously, regardless of content, to be able to fulfill three series of trading card sets, is a serious consideration to be had, especially now that The Sucklord is poised for possible super-stardom in the media (with his appearance n BravoTV's "Work of Art") - I wonder if any of the other contestants know that the dude has three sets of trading cards out?

NYCC-NOTE: The Sucklord will be signing at the SideKickLab booth #576 at New York Comic Con on Friday (Oct 14) from 2-3pm and again on Sunday (Oct 16) from 1-2pm. Suckpax 3 will be available at the event/table, so be sure to snag a few packs of boxes and get the dude to sign them when you can! Check out the signing schedule for other artists by clicking here.

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