TOP 10 BLOGPOSTS on TOYSREVIL Last Week (Listed dated Aug 6th)

For some time now I have been featuring weekly "TOP 10 BLOGPOSTS" on the TOYSREVIL blog on my social media channels - specifically on my Twitter + Facebook, and realised I should not deny both my BLOG Readers and INSTAGRAM-folks!

This list below is dated "August 6th" (I typically do it every star of the week on Mondays), showcasing blogpost based on YOUR reading choices (corrolated based on click stats via Google Analytics)! Don't miss out what most folks have been reading #onTOYSREVIL last week!

#1: About That VENOM Poster from Japan (Instagrammed)

#2: Concrete Jungle's FRANK & MONKEY Resin Collectible Available Now! (Buy here)

#3: Witness The 2nd Trailer for VENOM (Instagrammed)

#4: A Lookback at #SDCC2018: Television Is Not Dead! (Instagrammed)

#5: Slime House TV Presents "All Figured Out" (Ep.1) featuring toy-hunting in Akihabara & Mandarake!

#6: Medicom Toy's VIP BE@RBRICK & Funko's Saturday Morning for DesignerCon 2018 (Nov 16-18)

#7: HELLFROG by twelveDot to debut at Comic Con Seoul 2018 #Hellboy

#8: Introducing New Cooper Creeps THE MUTANT & THE FLY by Doktor A

#9: 1983 Art Toy Show | 19八3 (Aug 4-5, 2018)

#10: Fish-Men, Sunken Cities & Mermaids by Sucklord of The Seven Seas